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v2.8.1-June 2022

Howdy👋. Here is what we prepared for you on our latest release:

New features​

👩‍🏭 ​FLOWX.AI Admin ​

Import BPMN ​

Import BPMN is a feature that helps you edit/create a process starting from an already designed BPMN diagram. You can now import a BPMN process (.bpmn extension) in FLOWX Designer.


NOTE: Imported processes do not contain actions. You must define and add actions to the process after the import.


✍️ FLOWX.AI Designer​

UI Designer​

  • Now, UI Designer canvas is resized based on the platform you pick so you can easily design an intuitive UI for both web and mobile

Active process​

  • Fixed an issue where filtering an active process by definition was not working

Process Designer​

  • Fixed an issue where nodes were not saved after renaming them

Generic Parameters​

  • Small fixes

🚂 FLOWX.AI Engine​


  • fixed an issue where getting output from DMN rule would save it as a flatten key
  • fixed an issue where token reset values with copy keys would copy the keys as flatten

More information about flatten/unflatten, here.


✍️ FLOWX.AI Designer​

Process Designer​

  • Auto arrange - you can now use the auto arrange feature to align the nodes to get a cleaner and simplified view of the process

  • Node select - when you open Process Designer and edit a node using the UI Designer, and after exiting the editor, the node remains selected and highlighted

UI Designer​

  • When you add/edit a custom component, the input key field automatically opens when adding a new input key to that component

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