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v2.2.0-March 2022

New features​

πŸ“± Platform specific configurations - It is now possible to add different layout configurations to use different layouts for web and mobile apps.

πŸ” Configure and search process instances by indexed keys - It is now easier to search process instances by various pre-configured keys.

πŸŽ‰ Updated npm version to 7.x.x and Angular 13


FLOWX Engine​

  • Fixed handle message from connector when processInstanceUuid header is missing

Document plugin​

  • Fixed split document issue

FLOWX Designer​

  • Fixed an issue where β€˜Open in new tab’ switch is false even when it comes true from the backend API
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t create a DMN rule inside a gateway if there was no rule configured

Web components​

  • Fixed an issue where an β€˜Input’ with prefix and suffix was not displayed correctly
  • Fixed an issue where buttons couldn’t be clicked twice for uploading documents



  • Added β€˜year’ to license report


  • Added license report sorting by year also

Task management plugin​

  • Migrated to FLOWX v2 helm package

Notification plugin​

  • Make contentParams accept also object

Process renderer​

  • Expose CMS service from the Angular Renderer Library


  • Added Font-weight: Bold (700) in UI Designer for text styling
  • Updated default actions for Task and User Task notes
  • Added language selector in UI Designer for previewing labels that use substitution tags
  • Removed the option to map buttons with sub-actions
  • Small UI updates

Additional information regarding the deployment for v2.2.0 are available below:

Β»Deployment guidelines v2.2

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