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v1.16.0 - Dec 2021

New featuresโ€‹


This version comes with breaking changes in the process definition structure. Importing process definitions from a different platform version will not be possible.


  • All services include vulnerabilities fixes


  • fixed an issue where entries are doubled for MESSAGE_EVENT_RECEIVE nodes in process_instance_debug table in the database
  • enhancements to engine logging


  • fixed an issue where searching for a process name also returns deleted processes
  • fixed an issue where an error was shown when extracting notification template parameters



  • now you have access to roles and groups related information while configuring a process; these additional data can be used in your custom logic
  • added cache for NodeDefinitionServiceImpl:findAllNodesById to decrease processing time


  • the interface for configuring actions was updated, it is now more clear what are the minimum elements that need to be configured for each action type

Additional information regarding the deployment for v1.16.0 are available below:

ยปDeployment guidelines v1.16

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