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Version: 2.14.0

Mock integrations

In case you need to test the business process flow, but not all integrations are completed, you can still do so by using a mock integrations server included in the platform.


Configure DB settings for the microservice, it uses a Postgres DB.

Deploy the mocked adapter microservice.

Add a new integration

The only thing that needs to be done in order to set up a mocked integration is to add a mock Kafka request and response.

This can be done by adding the info directly to the DB or by using the provided API.

You will need to add a separate entry for each Kafka message exchange between the engine and the integration.

POST MOCK_ADAPTER_URL/api/kafka-exchanges/

add new Kafka exchange mock



  • sentMessageJson (string) - the mocked json message that the integration will send
  • receivedMessageJson (string) - the json message the integration should reply to
  • outgoingTopic (string) - should match the topic the engine listens on for replies from the integration
  • incomingTopic (string) - should match the topic name that the integration listens on


200 - the newly added kafka exchange will be returned

GET MOCK_ADAPTER_URL/api/kafka-exchanges/

view all available Kafka exchanges

Returns the complete list of all available mocked Kafka exchange messages.






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