Bug Fixes 🔧

Notification and Document plugins

  • Fixed limited entries problem in Document plugin and Notification plugin, previously restricted to 20 entries.
  • Resolved the issue causing the Document plugin to restart when starting with lag in Kafka topics.


  • Addressed CSS class assignment for <flx-text> issue, ensuring correct class assignment.
  • Fixed a UI issue where adding a left margin to COLLECTION_PROTOTYPE caused it to extend beyond the parent card.
  • Corrected a bug in certain UI elements where selecting a 2nd level child value didn’t clear when the parent value was updated.
  • Resolved rendering issues for ‘0’ and ’-’ values in text elements.

Designer and Versioning

  • Fixed the Designer issue where options in certain UI elements weren’t displayed in dropdowns after previous selections.
  • Resolved the Import Published Version Selection issue during process import, now displaying only available versions.


  • Fixed an issue that previously prevented the creation of new versions for processes with swimlane names containing empty spaces.

Other Bits

Gremlins to Watch Out For 🙁

Keep an eye out for these quirks:

  • Document preview UI element: Our document preview component has a unique sense of style. It prefers to take up only a portion of the screen, even when told to “fill” the entire width. It’s a rebel with a cause.
  • Business rules: Our business rule have a language barrier, but they’re working on it. Changing the language of a business rule doesn’t always lead to using the new language for execution. It’s like they have a favorite phrase they won’t let go of.
  • Process Designer: Deleting a boundary node in the process designer and coming back from the UI Designer doesn’t always clean up the associated sequence from the boundary event. It’s like they left a party and forgot their hat.
  • Datepicker Date Transformation: Our Datepicker seems to possess a hidden talent. It mysteriously transforms random text into the current date when used with validators in UI Designer.

Additional information

For deployment guidelines, refer to:

Deployment guidelines v3.4.3