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v2.14.0-November 2022

Howdy πŸ‘‹. Did you miss us? Here is what we prepared for you on our latest release:

New features​

FLOWX.AI Designer πŸ‘©β€πŸ­β€‹

Data model​

Data model tab is now live. You can now go through the business data model and access the predefined data model whenever you need to write an attribute’s path.

  • Supported attributes type: STRING, NUMBER, BOOLEAN, OBJECT, ARRAY, ENUM
Β»Data model

Process designer navigation redesign​

A new polished UI navigation is available (left-side navigation panel), improving the overall user experience when working with FLOWX.AI Designer:

  • new Process Designer tab
  • new UI Designer tab
  • new History tab
  • new Data model tab
  • Settings menu moved in the left-side navigation panel

Β»Process designer

Exceptions on processes​

  • added new exceptions types

UI Designer βœοΈβ€‹

Data model​

You can now add data model keys directly from the UI Designer. The already-defined keys in the Data model are also displayed (using the auto-suggestion tool).

UI redesign​

A brand-new intuitive and user-friendly interface for UI designer is launched.

Removed Form Group UI element​

Form Group UI element is removed, all Form Groups elements will become Containers.

Β»UI Designer

Reporting plugin​

Added the possibility to create and bootstrap custom reports built on generic information about usage and processes using the new reporting plugin.

You can create multiple reports to meet any need when it comes to business flows. It enables users to analyze data using datasets, and to easily build charts and dashboards.

Use in reporting flag​

This flag is available inside Data model (for the keys that must be used in the reporting) and inside Process settings tab, to include a process definition in reporting.

Β»Reporting plugin

FLOWX.AI Engine πŸš‚β€‹

NEW: process instance indexing through Kafka transport​

Sending data through Kafka : Instead of sending data directly from the process engine to ElasticSearch(ES), a new strategy is introduced where the process engine sends messages to a Kafka topic whenever there is something to be indexed from a process instance. Kafka Connect is configured to read these messages and send them to ElasticSearch for indexing. This approach allows for fire-and-forget communication, eliminating the need for the process engine to wait for indexing requests to complete.

Β»Process instance indexing

KafkaConnect ElasticSearch sink plugin​

A new component, Kafka Connect with configuration, has been added. This component enables Kafka Connect to listen to a specific topic where process instances generate messages and send those messages to Elastic Search indexes. The configuration includes the utilization of a KafkaConnect ElasticSearch sink connector plugin, which is responsible for handling this task. The plugin is configured with a connector.

Β»Example configuration for applying the solution with Kafka Connect

Check the deployment guidelines for more information:

Β»Kafka transport

New microservice: Advancing Controller​

Advancing Controller holds the liquibase database scripts for the advancing PostgreSQL. It is also watching if a process-engine worker pod is down.

When a pod is down, the service reassigns the work of that dead pod, to be picked up by other pods, avoiding process instances to be blocked in advancing.

Β»Advancing controller


FLOWX.AI Designer πŸ‘©β€πŸ­β€‹

  • fixed an issue when dropping a node after hovering it over a sequence drops it on that sequence
  • fixed an issue with performance when trying to add a new node to an extensive process

UI Designer βœοΈβ€‹

  • fixed a bug where UI Elements were not correctly displayed after pasting them

FLOWX.AI Content Management πŸ—ƒβ€‹

  • fixed an issue where an export of enumerations / substitution tags would include also values for languages / source systems that are not available anymore


FLOWX.AI Designer πŸ‘©β€πŸ­β€‹

Audit log​

  • improvements
  • now audit-logs are customizable

Subprocesses swimlanes hierarchy​

Now subprocesses (called by subprocess actions or by subprocess run nodes inside the main process) are displayed in the Permissions tab together with their swimlanes.

Exclusive gateway rules redesign​

FLOWX.AI Engine πŸš‚β€‹

Exceptions improvements​


  • elasticSearch index name is now customizable


  • performance improvements

Known issues​

UI Designer βœοΈβ€‹

  • DatePicker default value overlaps with field placeholder


  • not compatible with Oracle DBs

Notifications plugin​

Additional information regarding the deployment for v2.14.0 is available below:

Β»Deployment guidelines v2.14.0

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