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Let’s go through the main options available in the FlowX Designer:

With the FLOWX Designer, you can:

  • Develop processes based on BPMN 2.0
  • Configure interfaces for the processes for both generated and custom screens
  • Define business rules and validations via DMN files or via MVEL, or using other supported scripting languages
  • Create integration connectors in a visual manner
  • Create data models for your applications
  • Adding new capabilities by using plugins
  • Manage users access

FLOWX Designer

Depending on your access rights, some tabs might not be visible. For more information, check Configuring access rights for Admin section.

Managing process definitions

A process definition is uniquely identified by its name and version number.

Process Definitions

Process definition

Managing a process flow

Viewing active process instances

The complete list of active process instances is visible from the FLOWX Designer. They can be filtered by process definition names and searched by their unique ID. You can also view the current process instance status and data.

Active process

Process instance

Managing CMS

Using the content management feature you can perform multiple actions that enable manipulation of the content and simplification of it. You need first to deploy the CMS service in your infrastructure, so you can start defining and using the custom content types described in the Content Management tab above.

Content Management

Managing tasks

The Task Manager plugin has the scope to show a process that you defined in Designer, offering a more business-oriented view. It also offers interactions at the assignment level.

Task Management

Task Management

Managing notification templates

The notification templates plugin can be viewed, edited, and activated/inactivated from the FlowX Designer.


Managing document templates

One of the main features of the documents plugin is the ability to generate new documents based on custom templates and prefilled with data related to the current process instance.

Document templates plugin

Documents plugin

Managing generic parameters

Through the FLOWX Designer, you can edit generic parameters, and import or export them. You can set generic parameters and assign the environment where they should apply.

Generic Parameters

The maximum length of an input value is 255 characters.

Managing users access

Access Management is used to administrate users, roles and groups, directly in FLOWX Designer. Access Management helps you to access the identity management solution (keycloak/RH-SSO) through its API, extracting all the necessary details. Access Management is based on user roles that need to be configured in the identity management solution.

Access Management

Configuring access rights for admin

Managing integrations

Integration management enables you to keep track of each integration and its correspondent component and different scenarios used: creating an OTP, document generation, notifications, etc.

Checking platform status

You can quickly check the health status of all the FlowX services and all of your custom connectors.

Platform Status

Check the next section to learn how to create and manage a process from scratch:

Managing a process flow