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v1.14.0 - Oct 2021

New featuresโ€‹

๐Ÿ“” Dynamic dropdowns: Added the ability to use process data as content source for SELECT, CHECKBOX and RADIO form fields. In the designer there is now a new option for data source for dropdown fields: Process Data.

New action type: Save data: To easily mark actions for saving form data.

New UI Action type: Dismiss process: This can be used on buttons for cancelling / closing subprocesses.



  • Fixed an issue where the process data wasn't requested for all template IDs in the template sequence when refreshing a subprocess configured with a stepper


  • Fixed an issue where, when configuring an IMAGE UI element, the process data input key wasn't available
  • Fixed an issue where the keysForRestart value wasn't used when configuring back in steps. This key is used to copy/remove key from current state of the process instance objects



  • Updated the amount of data saved in the engine logs
  • Added new environment variable for authorization related logs: LOGGING_OAUTH2_EXC_LOGLEVEL

All logging related configuration options can be viewed here.


  • Process settings modal UI refactor
  • Moved all node settings under "Node config" tab - redesign for improving UX

Additional information regarding the deployment for v1.14.0 are available below:

ยปDeployment guidelines v1.14

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