Data management
Most development platforms or digital products come with their own data model that doesn’t quite match whatever already exists in an organization. Dealing with this situation is achieved through complex mappings or by building intermediary or transient databases that only add complexity.‌
What FLOWX.AI does differently is our so called "no data model" model, which we build step by step as it suits the business flow. This means that we don’t have to spend time on complex data mappings when building an app. Instead, we just create the needed data points while designing the process.‌
When we need to integrate with an external system we just need to map the data model available in the business process with the data model expected and / or returned by the integration.‌
This brings incredible flexibility in business operations as well as in changing, replacing or adding new business applications.
FLOWX.AI is also built with AI at the core. Winning in the digital age cannot be done without data. Traditional enterprises sit on tons of data, yet data is siloed, meaning it is stored in uncorrelated systems, which makes it difficult to use ML algorithms to optimize processes or forecast business outcomes.‌
With this challenge in mind, the FLOWX.AI platform was built from the start with the ability of managing data in such a way that it becomes useful in business operations.
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