Let's go through the main options available in the FLOWX Designer:
  • managing processes
    • create, view and edit process definitions
    • view active process instances
  • content management
    • adjust templates needed for the notifications and documents plugins
  • general settings
    • supported app languages
    • configure source systems
    • add platform wide enumerations (like countries or cities lists)

Managing process definitions

Viewing active process instances

The complete list of active process instances is visible from the FlowX Designer. They can be filtered by process definition names and searched by their unique id. You can also view the current process instance status and data.

Managing notification templates

The notification templates to be used by the plugin can be viewed, edited and activated / inactivated from the FlowX Designer.

Managing document templates


Managing general settings

Through the FlowX Designer you can edit accepted languages, source systems and enumerations.