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Version: 3.4.0

Events gateway

Events Gateway a service that centralizes the communication with SSE (Server-sent Events) messages from Backend to Frontend.

It has an important role as a central component for handling and distributing events within the system:

  • Event Processing: The events-gateway system is responsible for receiving and processing events from various sources, such as the Process Engine and Task Manager. It acts as an intermediary between these systems and the rest of the system components.

  • Message Distribution: The events-gateway system reads messages from the Kafka topic (messaging_events_topic) and distributes them to relevant components within the system. It ensures that the messages are appropriately routed to the intended recipients for further processing.

  • Event Publication: The events-gateway system plays a crucial role in publishing events to the frontend renderer (FE renderer). It communicates with the frontend renderer using HTTP via WebFlux. By publishing events, it enables real-time updates and notifications on the user interface, keeping the user informed about the progress and changes in the system.

  • Integration with Redis: The events-gateway system also interacts with Redis to publish events on a stream. This allows other components in the system to consume the events from the Redis stream and take appropriate actions based on the received events.

In summary, the events-gateway system acts as a hub for event processing, message distribution, and event publication within the system. It ensures efficient communication and coordination between various system components, facilitating real-time updates and maintaining system consistency.

For more details about how to configure events-gateway microservice, check the following section:

ยปEvents gateway configuration

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