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Version: 3.4.0


A card is a graphical component that allows grouping and alignment of other components. It can also include an accordion element for expanding and collapsing content.

The following properties that can be configured:


  • Message - a valid JSON that describes the data pushed to the frontend application when the process reaches a specific user task
  • Title - the title of the card
  • Subtitle - the subtitle of the card
  • Card style - you can choose between a border or raised style
  • Has accordion? - this feature allows you to add a Bootstrap accordion, which organizes content within collapsible items and displays only one collapsed item at a time

Accordion element is not available for mobile.


  • Layout - This property is available for components that group children and includes the following options:

    • Direction - Horizontal / Vertical (for example, select Vertical)
    • Justify (H) - (for example, select center)
    • Align (V) - this option allows you to align components vertically
    • Gap - you can set the gap between components

More layout demos available below:

ยปLayout Demos

This example will generate a card with the following layout configuration:

For more information about styling and layout configuration, check the following section:

ยปUI Designer

Validating elementsโ€‹

To validate all form elements under a card, you need to set the key of the form/element on the property of the button: Forms To Validate.

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