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Version: 3.4.0

Root components

Root components (layout elements) are used to group different types of components, each having a different purpose:

  • Container - used to group and configure the layout for multiple components of any type
  • Custom - these are Angular components developed in the container application and passed to the SDK at runtime, identified here by the component name
  • Card - acts like a Container component; it also has the option to become an accordion

The root component can hold a hierarchical component structure as follows

Available children for Card and Container are:

  1. Form - used to group and align form field elements (inputs, radios, checkboxes, etc.)
  2. Image - allows you to configure an image in the document
  3. Text - a simple text can be configured via this component, a basic configuration is available
  4. Link - used to configure a hyperlink that opens in a new tab
  5. Button - multiple options are available for configuration, the most important part being the possibility to add actions
  6. File Upload - a specific type of button that allows you to select a file
  7. Custom - custom components

For more information about the form elements, check the following section:

ยปForm elements

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