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Version: 3.4.x


A switch, a toggle switch, is another form element that can be utilized to create an intuitive user interface. The switch allows users to select a response by toggling it between two states. Based on the selection made by the user, the corresponding Boolean value of either true or false will be recorded and stored in the process instance values for future reference.

Configuring the switch element

Switch settings

The available configuration options for this form element are:



  • Label - The label of the Switch

The Label field supports Markdown syntax, enabling you to customize the text appearance with ease. To explore the Markdown syntax and its various formatting options, click here.

  • Helpertext - additional information about the switch element (can be hidden inside an infopoint)


  • Default Value - the default value of the switch form field (it can be switched on or switched off)


The following validators can be added to a switch element: requiredTrue and custom (more details here).


  • Hide - JavaScript expression used to hide the Switch element when it returns a truthy value
  • Disabled - JavaScript expression used to disable the Switch element when it returns a truthy value

UI actions

UI actions can be added to the switch element to define its behavior and interactions.

  • Event - possible value: CHANGE
  • Action Type - select the action type

For more details on how to configure a UI action, click here.

Switch styling

The label of the switch can be positioned either as start or end.


For more valid CSS properties, click here.

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