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Version: 2.14.0


Similar to a container element, this type of component allows iterating through a list of elements and displays them according to their configuration.

Configurable properties:

  1. collectionSource - process key where a list can be found (this must be a valid array of objects)


Collection configuration for displaying employees

Source collection data example:

employees: [{
name: 'Sam Davis',
imageSrc: 'Link to image',
age: '43'
name: 'Sara Green',
imageSrc: 'Link to image',
age: '23'
name: 'William Smith',
imageSrc: 'Link to image',
age: '67'

The following example will render:


Components used inside a collection use relative paths to the collection source. This means that wherever the collection is found inside the process data the components found inside a collection need their keys to be configured relating to that collection.

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