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Version: 3.4.x

Timer Intermediate Event

A Timer Intermediate Event is an event that is triggered based on a specified time duration or date. It is placed within the flow of a process and serves as a point of interruption and continuation.

Configuring a timer intermediate event

FieldValidationsAccepted Values
DefinitionMandatoryISO 8601 formats (date/duration)
Process param

Timer type:


  • event triggered on a specific date-time
  • ISO 8601 format (example: 2019-10-01T12:00:00Z - UTC time, 2019-10-02T08:09:40+02:00 - UTC plus two hours zone offset)


Event triggered after x duration after the token reached the timer node (or parent node) (example: PT6S).

  • Definition:
    • ISO
    • Cron
    • Process param

General Rules

  • A Timer Intermediate Event is triggered based on its duration or date definition.
  • When the token enters a Timer Intermediate Event, a scheduler is set, and it waits for the timer event to be triggered.
  • After the timer is triggered, the process instance continues.

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