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Version: 3.3.0

๐Ÿ“ฆ Task management

What is Task management plugin?โ€‹

The Task Management plugin is a powerful plugin that enables back-officers and supervisors to efficiently track and assign tasks within a company. It provides a business-oriented view of a process defined using FLOWX.AI Designer and allows for seamless interactions at the assignment level.

Task Manager


Inside the Task Manager โ†’ All tasks you can find the Activities tab which consists of the following items:

  • Title - the title of the task
  • Stage - the specific stages during the execution of a process
  • Assignee - the assignee of the process
  • Status - the status of the process, more details can be found here
  • Priority - allows you to prioritize the tasks
  • Last updated - timestamp for the latest updates
  • Search - the search function is used to look for keys stored in the process

Task Detailsโ€‹

The Task details tab within the Task Manager displays key information about a process, including:

  • Priority - enable prioritization of tasks
  • Status - the current status of the process
  • Stage - specific stages during the execution of a process
  • Comments - comments left by the users
  • History - information such as who created a task, when a task was created, or when the status changed

Task details


Please note that specific roles must be defined in a process to utilize all the task management features. For more information on configuring access roles for processes, refer to the Configuring access roles for processes.

Statuses & Definitions in Task Managerโ€‹

Task Manager displays multiple statuses based on the state of the process.

Process status updatesโ€‹

CreatedThis status is visible only if there is an issue with the process creation. If the process is error-free in its configuration, you will see the Started status instead.
StartedIndicates that the process is in progress and running.
FinishedThe process has reached an end node and completed its execution.
FailedThis status is displayed when a CronJob is configured and enabled within the FLOWX engine. For example, if a CronJob is triggered at a particular hour, and the instance is not finished by then, all the tasks will be moved to the FAILED status.

This status is displayed when expiryTime field is defined within the process definition. To set up an expiryTime function, follow these steps

  1. Go to FLOWX Designer > Processes > Definitions.
  2. Select a process and click the "โ‹ฎ" button, then choose Settings.
  3. Inside the General tab, you can edit the Expiry time field.
AbortedThis status is available for processes that also contain subprocesses. When a subprocess is running (and the token is moved backward to redo a series of previous actions) - the subprocess will be aborted.
DismissedThis status is available for processes that contain subprocesses. It is displayed when a user stops a subprocess.
On holdThe process cannot be edited anymore. A superuser can trigger this status to block actions on the process until further clarification or unfreeze.

Swimlanes updatesโ€‹

Swimlane enterWhen the token enters a new swimlane.
Swimlane exitWhen the token exits a swimlane.

Stages updatesโ€‹

Stage enterWhen the token enters a new stage.
Stage exitWhen the token exits a stage.

Using the pluginโ€‹

The Task Manager plugin allows users to view a list of tasks and perform various actions based on their roles, including:

  • Assigning/unassigning tasks
  • Putting the process on hold
  • Adding comments
  • Viewing the application URL (could be also a generic parameter defined as a URL)


You can configure Task Manager to send information about your process by enabling the Use process in task management button at the node level. This allows the Task Manager plugin to send updates about the process.

To set up Task Management to send updates on your process, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Flowx.AI Designer and open the desired process definition.
  2. From the left sidebar menu select the Settings tab.
  3. Enable the Use process in task management toggle button.

Update task management


Please note that some actions may not be available based on user roles and access rights.

To set up Task Management to send extra updates on your process using only some specific areas of your process:

  1. Go to Flowx.AI Designer and open your process definition.
  2. Click Edit button.
  3. Select a node (the Task Manager will trigger the updates after reaching this node).
  4. Enable the Update task management? switch.

You can set up this action for multiple nodes.

Update task management

For more detailed information on configuring the Task Manager plugin, refer to the Task Management plugin setup section.

ยปTask Management plugin setup

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