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Version: 3.1.0

Milestone node

A milestone node is used to define how user tasks (which are placed between two milestones - start milestone and end milestone) will be displayed.

Start milestone node End milestone node

Multiple options are available for displaying the content:

Configuring a Milestone nodeโ€‹

A combination of start and end nodes can be used to achieve all kinds of a grouping of multiple user task nodes.

To configure a user task to be displayed in a Modal:

  1. Open Process Designer and start configuring a process.
  2. Add a user task that you want to display.
  3. Add a start milestone before the user task.
  4. Add an end milestone after the user task.

  1. Select the start milestone node and open UI Designer - here you can choose from multiple templates of how to display the content.

  2. For example, drag and drop the modal template to the canvas.

  3. No additional information is required for displaying a user task in a modal view but you can do multiple customizations via the different configurations using the UI Designer.

Modal template

Available Componentsโ€‹

You can configure a start milestone node and an end milestone node before and after a user task. After adding the milestones, you can add a modal template to the start milestone node to display a modal screen (like in the example above).

Modal screen


A basic full page content can be displayed using this kind of template on a milestone start.

Page template

Stepper + Stepsโ€‹

To create a stepper architecture:

  1. First define a milestone start node.
  2. Then add a Stepper template on the first node (and a milestone end after the first node).
  3. In between the stepper milestones add for each step a milestone start and a milestone end node with a Step configuration.

Example of a Stepper configuration with two steps

For more information about how to create a process with a Stepper + Steps structure, and how to configure the UI, check the following section:

ยปCreate a User Interface


Containers allows us to display multiple user task on the same Page/Modal/Step with a different layout, other than the basic one. You can use Layout tab to play with multiple alignments.

Container template

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