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Version: 3.0.0

Intro to MVEL

We can also specify the business rules logic using MVEL scripts. As opposed to DMN, with MVEL you can create complex business rules with multiple parameters and sub-calculations.

What is MVEL?โ€‹

MVFLEX Expression Language (MVEL) is an expression language with a syntax similar to the Java programming language. This makes it relatively easy to use in order to define more complex business rules and that cannot be defined using DMN.

The runtime allows MVEL expressions to be executed either interpretively, or through a pre-compilation process with support for runtime byte-code generation to remove overhead. We pre-compile most of the MVEL code in order to make sure the process flow advances as fast as possible.


if( input.get("user.credit_score") >= 700 ) { 
} else {

In depth docsโ€‹

ยปMVEL Documentation

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