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Version: 3.0.0

Failed process start


Exceptions are types of errors meant to help you debug a failure in the execution of a process.

Exceptions can be accessed from multiple places:

  • Failed process start tab from Active process menu in FLOWX.AI Designer
  • Process Status view, accessible from Process instances list in FLOWX.AI Designer


If you open a process instance and it does not contain exceptions, the Exceptions tab will not be displayed.

Exceptions data​

When you click view button, a detailed exception will be displayed.

  • Process Definition - the process where the exception was thrown
  • Source - the source of the exception (see the possible type of sources below)
  • Message - a hint type of message to help you understand what's wrong with your process
  • Type - exception type
  • Cause Type - cause type (or the name of the node)
  • Process Instance UUID - process instance unique identifier
  • Token UUID - token unique identifier
  • Timestamp - default format: yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ
  • Details - stack trace (a stack trace is a list of the method calls that the process was in the middle of when an Exception was thrown)

Possible sources:​

Exceptions types​

Based on the exception type, there are multiple causes that could make a process fail. Here are some examples:

Business Rule Evaluationwhen executing action rules fails for any reason
Condition Evaluationwhen executing action conditions

when the connection with the database fails

when the connection with Redis fails

Definitionmisconfigurations: process def name, subprocess parent process id value, start node condition missing
Nodewhen an outgoing node can’t be found (missing sequence etc)
Gateway Evaluation

when the token can’t pass a gateway for any reason, possible causes:

  • missing sequence/node
  • failed node rule
Subprocessexceptions will be saved for them just like for any other process, parent process ID will also be saved (we can use this to link them when displaying exceptions)

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