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Version: 2.14.0

๐Ÿ“ฆ Notifications plugin

Notifications plugin can be easily added to your custom FLOWX.AI deployment. The plugin will enhance the core platform capabilities with functionality specific to sending various notifications.

You have the possibility to send various types of notifications:

  • email notifications
  • SMS templates to mobile devices

To use the plugin to send notifications, via SMS channel, a third party provider for SMS communication is needed, for example, Twilio.

  • forward custom notifications to external outgoing services
  • generate and validate OTP passwords for user identity verification

You can also use the plugin to track what notifications have been sent and to whom.

Let's go through the steps needed to deploy and set up the plugin:

ยปNotifications plugins setup

Below you can find some examples of various use cases where the notifications plugin can be useful:

ยปUsing the plugin

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