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Version: 2.13.0

Process definition states & versioning

Process Definitions in FLOWX.AI Designer can be edited with ease. To keep track of updates and changes, each definition is assigned a version number and state.

A Process Definition is unique and can be identified by its name and version number. It can have one of the following states:

  • draft - in progress and can't be used to create new instances, can only be started in test mode
  • published - only one version can be published at a time, and it will be used to instantiate new processes; published versions can be edited
  • deleted - not visible or usable in the platform
  • deprecated - old versions

At any time, there can only be one draft and one published version for a specific process definition. A new definition can be created by adding it in FLOWX.AI Designer, importing an existing one, or cloning an existing definition. A newly created definition will be in the draft state.

Deleting a draft or published version will automatically delete all versions of that definition. When a new version is set to published, the previous published version becomes deprecated. A published version cannot be reset to draft.

When a new version is obtained through cloning or importing, the old versions become deprecated. Importing or cloning a definition increments the maximum version number. If importing/cloning for the first time in a new environment, the definition will be saved with the version number in the imported content. If no version number is present, it will be automatically set to 1.

Testing draft versions

A separate REST endpoint is available for starting process instances from draft process definitions:

GET ENGINE_URL/api/internal/process/processDefinitionId/start

start draft process

used for testing draft process definitions



processDefinitionId (number) - the ID of the process definition



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