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Version: 2.13.0

Creating a user interface

Creating a stepper structure

To create a stepper structure:

  1. Go to FLOWX Designer and go to the Definitions tab.
  2. Click on the New process button, using the breadcrumbs from the top-right corner.
  3. Add a start node.
  4. Add a new milestone to describe all the user tasks.
  5. Add a user task that will represent the first card of our step.
  6. Add an end milestone for both the step and the stepper.
  7. End your process with an end node.

Stepper Structure

Configuring the UI

  • All the UI elements are configured via the Node UI designer
  • Starting from our basic process, we need to set the start of the stepper template config
  • It is enough to open the drag and drop menu and add a Stepper template config for now
  • For the first step, it will be useful to add also a label
  • Clear the cache to test what we have until now

Testing the flow that we have

  1. From the process definition, click the Start process button.
  2. We will not pass any data to this process so an empty object {}.
  3. Click Start Process and you will see the first step.

First step

Adding a card with one input

  1. Go to your user task (this will represent the first card of your step).
  2. Add a FORM GROUP (this is the UI card element).
  3. Add a Form to it (Form elements group inputs together).
  4. Add an input into the form:
    • Configure the key - you can use the key to retrieve the data form saved on that element
    • Configure a label

Adding input

Testing our first input

  1. Start one more time the process that you just configured.
  2. The input is displayed.
  3. Test the input.

Test the input

Adding second input and a submit action

  1. Go to your user task node and add a new input via Node UI designer.
  2. Now go back to the process and add a new action rule:
    • first we need to configure the action - the action is called when the button is pressed - the action should be Manual (not automatic because it is triggered by a user)
    • we need to keep in mind the name of the action - saveDataFirstStep
  3. Go back to the Node UI designer and add a button (we need to link the button to the action based on the name).

Second input

Second input + action

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