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Version: 2.13.0

Adding an action to a node

We use actions to add business decisions to the flow or link the process to custom integrations and plugins.

For more information about actions, check the following section:


Steps for creating an actionโ€‹

To create an action:

  1. Open FLOWX Designer and from the Processes tab select Definitions.
  2. Select your process.
  3. Click the Edit process button.
  4. Add a new node/ edit an existing one.
  5. โ—A few action parameters will need to be filled in depending on the selected action type.
  6. Add an action to the task node, for example sending a Kafka event to an integration:
  • set Address (topic) name
  • set message content to be sent
    • {"test" : ${processInstanceId}, "title": "Test title"}
  • a custom header is always set by default to
    • {"processInstanceId": ${processInstanceId}}
  • if you want some values to be replaced before sending them to Kafka, they should be marked as such in the action params


The nodes that support actions are task nodes, user task nodes, and message send nodes.

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