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Version: 2.13.0

Exclusive Gateway node

Flow decisions can be configured using an Exclusive Gateway. Using this node will make if condition then go to this node constructions are available.

Configuring an Exclusive Gateway node

Exclusive gateway

To configure this kind of node, it is useful to previously configure the in and out sequence from the gateway process.

General Config

  • Node name - the name of the node
  • Can go back - setting this to true will allow users to return to this step after completing it

When encountering a step with canGoBack switched to false, all steps found behind it will become unavailable.

  • Swimlane - choose a swimlane (if there are multiple swimlanes on the process) to make sure only certain user roles have access only for certain process nodes- if there are no multiple swimlanes, the value is Default
  • Stage - assign a stage to the node

Gateway Decisions

  • Language - when configuring the condition, MVEL (or DMN) will be used and you should enter an expression that will be evaluated as true or false
  • Conditions - selecting the Gateway Decisions tab of the gateway we can see that we can configure a list of conditions (if, else if, else) and select from a dropdown where we should go if the condition is true

Expression order is important because the first true evaluation will stop the execution and the token will move to the selected node.

After the exclusive part of the process (where a path or another will be used), you need to end each path or join back to a single process using a new exclusive gateway without any configuration on it.

Configuring a DMN Exclusive Gateway node

You can use DMN to define gateway decisions, using exclusive gateways.

Gateway Decisions

Gateway Decision - DMN example (applicable only for exclusive gateway - XOR)

Gateway Decision

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