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Version: 2.12.0


There are two types of buttons, similar to each other but with different purposes:


There are used to do an action, unblock the token to move forward in the process, send an OTP, and open a new tab.

Sections that can be configured regarding general settings:

  1. Flowx props
    • Button type: fill/flat
    • Label
  2. Styling - where extra CSS can be added
  3. Expressions - you can add here if expressions that will be evaluated to be true or false
  4. UI Action - that defines what action will trigger (more details on how to configure)

Button configuration for a save action

File Upload Button

This button will be used to select a file and do custom validation on it. Only the Flowx props will be different. Additional properties:

  • Accepted file types
  • Invalid file type error
  • Max file size
  • Max file size error

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