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v3.4.1-September 2023 (Patch Release)

Welcome to the FLOWX.AI v3.4.1 patch release! In this update, we've fine-tuned your FLOWX.AI experience with fixes and enhancements. While it may not be a major version update, it's packed with valuable improvements.

What's newโ€‹

Scheduler Configurationโ€‹

  • We've introduced a new configuration for the Scheduler microservice. Learn more in our deployment guidelines.

Bug Fixes ๐Ÿ”งโ€‹

Timer Eventsโ€‹

  • Fixed Timer Events Shyness

    • We've given our timer events a little nudge, and they will now reliably appear on the canvas after refreshing the page.
  • Resolved Mandatory Fields Error Messages

    • Our system has become more serious about mandatory fields and will now consistently display error messages when required fields are empty.
  • Improved Timer Expression Validators

    • We've implemented validators for timer expressions, ensuring they follow the rules as expected.
  • Fixed Timer Events in Read-Only Process Versions

    • Timer events will now behave appropriately and disable their fields in read-only process versions.


  • Enhanced Versioning System

    • We've made significant improvements to the versioning system to resolve these issues. Branch merging and UUID handling have been optimized, and the branching graph now consistently appears during import/export operations.

Swimlane allocationโ€‹

  • Removed Lingering UI After Process Definition Deletion

    • We've cleared away this lingering UI, so you won't encounter remnants of deleted process definitions in the swimlane allocation interface anymore.

Revised Cache Key Organizationโ€‹

  • Check the deployment guidelines for more information:
ยปRevised Cache Key Organization

Other Bitsโ€‹

  • Bid farewell to the autoarrange function in the
    The fallback content to display on prerendering

Gremlins to Watch Out For ๐Ÿ™โ€‹

Keep an eye out for these quirks:

  • Slider UI element: Our slider component can be a bit mysterious at times. Currently, it enjoys a game of hide-and-seek with the correct value when sourced from process data.
  • Document preview UI element: Our document preview component has a unique sense of style. It prefers to take up only a portion of the screen, even when told to "fill" the entire width. It's a rebel with a cause.
  • Business rules: Our business rule have a language barrier, but they're working on it. Changing the language of a business rule doesn't always lead to using the new language for execution. It's like they have a favorite phrase they won't let go of.
  • Process Designer: Deleting a boundary node in the process designer and coming back from the UI Designer doesn't always clean up the associated sequence from the boundary event. It's like they left a party and forgot their hat.

Additional informationโ€‹

For deployment guidelines, refer to:

ยปDeployment guidelines v3.4.1

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