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v2.4.0-March 2022

New features​

🏁 Granular access control in the Designer app - It is now possible to set up granular access to different platform components in the Designer app. This is useful for hiding / showing different menu items and allowed actions for each user. These are based on user roles that need to be configured in the identity management solution.


The access rights related configuration needs to be set up for each microservice. Default options are preconfigured. They can be overwritten using environment variables.


Without the correct configuration and explicitly providing the correct access scopes, a user who previously had access to Designer features will lose all access. Please check the deployment guidelines!

πŸ” Collections - With this feature, you can configure a repeatable piece of the user interface. By setting the collection’s source as any data list from your process you can display a custom user interface of each element of your list.

Employees Collection Example

The repeatable user interface is controlled by a repetitive template (collection prototype) in the UI Designer where with no code/full code approach you can achieve complex UI configuration.

You can find more details about how to configure a collection here.


FLOWX Designer​

  • Custom validator params not being saved
  • Only save validator params property if the validator has params


FLOWX Designer​

  • Moved sensitive data to a separate tab

Additional information regarding the deployment for v2.4.0 is available below:

Β»Deployment guidelines v2.4.0

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