Creating and interacting with process instances is pretty straightforward, as most of the interaction happens automatically and is handled by the engine.
The only points that need used interaction are starting the process and executing user tasks on it (for example when a user fills in a form on the screen and saves the results).


The process can be started by making an API call. Certain parameters needed by the process can be sent on the request body.
Some special cases for stating process instances are:
  • starting a process instance from another instance and inhering some data from the first one to the second
  • a process can have multiple start nodes, in which case, a start condition must be set when making the start process call
Start process
Start process and inherit values from previous process
The paramsToInherit map should hold the needed values on one the following keys, depending on the desired outcome:
  • paramsToCopy - this is used to pick only a subset of parameters to be inherited from the parent process; it holds the list of key names that will be inherited from the parent parameters
  • withoutParams - this is used in case we need to remove some parameter values from the parent process before inheriting them; it holds the list of key names that will be removed from the parent parameters
If none of these keys have values, all the parameter values from the parent process will be inherited by the new process.
Process status
Execute action
File upload
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