Template configs
The FLOWX Designer lets you create dynamic layouts associated with a USER_TASK node via the node's template configs tab.
These are created in a tree like structure always starting with a root component like a STEPPER, STEP, FORM_GROUP or CUSTOM.
The FLOWX.AI platform offers a series of ready to use UI components which can be used to create rich web interfaces. These include common form elements like input, select, checkbox, radio or toggle, as well as other ui elements like image, text, anchor links, etc. Each of these component's properties can be configured further using the details tab available when clicking on a specific component. Design flexibility is possible by adding styles or css classes to each of the pre-defined components.
For use cases where completely custom components are necessary the platform supports this by exposing the CUSTOM template config type. These can be developed in isolation and referenced by the component's class name when adding a custom component.
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