Nodes Types
Let's go through the most important types of nodes. These can be selected when adding a new node to a process definition using the FLOWX Designer:
  • start and end nodes - they mark the beginning and end of a process flow. A process definition can have one or more start nodes (each linked with a start condition) and also one or more end nodes depending on the flow outcomes.
  • message send tasks and message received tasks - these are used to communicate with external systems (integrations and plugins).
  • task nodes - that can be added when a business rule needs to be run during a process flow.
  • user task nodes - these are used to configure the look and behavior of the UI and send data to custom components
  • exclusive gateways - are used to mark a decision point in the process flow and decide on the branch that needs to be followed
  • parallel gateways - used to split the process flow into two or more branches that take place at the same time
  • milestones - start and end nodes for milestones are currently used to mark the beginning and end of definitions for UI components (like steppers displayed on a page)
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